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Aluminum awnings make the most beautiful additions to your home. They are a permanent, decorative addition that not only improves your home's appearance, but also it's value. Available in a variety of styles and colors, you can coordinate your own colorful aluminum awnings. But it doesn't stop there. Awnings also provide protection for your home both on the outside and the inside. While protecting your woodwork around your windows and exterior doors from the weather, awnings provide an additional bonus of protecting your interior floors from the rain, sleet and snow as well, cutting down the amount of dirt, debris and water that's tracked into your home.

You make one investment in these maintenance-free aluminum awnings, and they'll help you save on your energy bill throughout the year. Did you know that by deflecting the summer sunlight away from your windows you can reduce the temperature in a room anywhere from 8 to 15 degrees? In the winter, awnings help by cutting drafts around windows and doors.  Research tests have shown that window awnings are valuable to most homeowners as an easily available and economical way to reduce energy usage.

Lakeland Awning & Patio is owned and operated by craftsman Glenn Anders. Glenn offers:

  • New installation of step-down aluminum awnings, patios and door canopies.
  • A variety of colors and color band styling.
  • Storm damage and repair services.
  • Sensible pricing.

Shop: 763-588-8818 or 612-521-4150

Cell : 612-987-0359


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